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Dear Editor: The time to elect the politicians that will play hard ball on behalf of a unified community that is pursuing equity of privilege is at hand. Note that every wannabe is showing up at every possible point of observation wanting to be your Guardian Angel.

The trickle down misrepresentation of fact is at the point of drowning potential voters in mental confusion and desperation.

This situation continues to be generated by wannabes (specifically those that have and continue to violate the trust in voters) preaching "how great thou art." Wannabes expect confused voters to over look the many bills containing their signature that document the many special interests that have bought their souls and support their self-serving greed.

Political hardball is laudable when it is being used on behalf of equity for all citizens. Will the informed voter with the independent mind end the abuse? Will the uninformed be led by self-imposed blind trust, fear, or accrued "by and by"?

Will voters, incapacitated by apparent plantation mentality, sit on their hands as the State Legislature continues to permit the ever expanding chaos from the competition of the Judicial vs Legislative vs Administrative branches of Rockdale County government?

The condition is further fueled by those who openly support an artificial self serving motto of "Waterloo" and those who stand as deer in a spotlight.

What say you — better still, what will you do?

Rockdale County