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Letter: Say NO to more apartments
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: For those who are our elected officials who never pay attention to the absolute consequences of building communities where the greater majority of residents are renters, here is a concrete rule of thumb: The more renters you draw to your town, the more services they will demand and you must provide by law!

Now we have the City of Conyers with a crack team at the helm yet they have managed to finally learn the above lesson - with a plus 67 percent renter population to deal with, they now see what I have been telling them for years. Stop building apartments!
All you do is get the cost to service these renters and other communities get them as their workforce at our expense.

I cannot see why the homeowners in the city have not reached the riot stage with this mismanagement.

We all really know that the city fathers will all retire somewhere else and leave us with this mess. Each will have a great excuse why they just had to move to the mountains or the coast but how about for once you tell them NO SALE.

Try and ask if they already have that getaway place and see the look on their face.

But wait, the huge, almost 400-acre tract at Parker Road and Flat Shoals will soon become what? Right. High density rentals. In fact, the city fathers are going to allow the highest possible density and it will push the renter ratio off the charts for the City of Conyers.

Now, you residents in the county don't get smug and say poor, poor city homeowners because the county catches the slop over, just ask our former competent sheriff and he could give you the blunt truth.


Here is the bottom line I told the County Commissioners in '09: The local and national economies would falter and not rebound until '13 and beyond. Doubt me, then go to the archives on Channel 23.

Here is my next prediction: These false starts in housing sales and stock market are another house of cards that worthless paper money is supporting will topple with consequences many could not even imagine.

The U.S. dollar is quickly being replaced as the reserve currency of the world. Already China has aligned many top nations in the world to settle their debts in their own currencies. Too much to understand, then you better Google this fact and get ready for the financial ride of your life.

It is time for the sleepy citizens in this community to wake up and find your eggs and laying hens have been stolen out from under you while you slept.

What to do? Write and call your elected officials and say H_ _ _ no to more apartments.

But just as predictable as the city runs short of money to meet their budget, you will read this and not make a move to save yourself. And that, my fellow reader, is why the folks building their own life boats are not often seen anymore around this small frog pond anymore.