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Letter: On Common Core
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Dear Editor: Common Core is the progressive solution to education and one size fits all standards being implemented in 44 of the 50 states. Coming on the heels of “No Child Left Behind” and part of the Progressive movement’s “Race To the Top,” the three combined have managed to take away state and local control of education and move it totally under the control of the federal government and eventually the United Nations, as it is being implemented worldwide. Why, they say a global economy. I am beginning to believe in zombies! Why? Because educators are wasting their critical thinking skills and following the lead of anyone in the federal government who can bribe them with a few dollars to fund education. Zombies are imitations of human beings who look like and can act human but are not capable of thinking for themselves or in the best interest of their own family. Whether that family is our state legislature, or local school boards who represent the citizens of our state, county, or city.

For the truth about Common Core please follow this link to five short video clips that are exceptionally done. .

After you watch this please post this article on your Facebook pages and share through Twitter and all other social media at your disposal. Or just email it to your friends and neighbors as well as all your elected officials.

The facts are that most legislators do not have the time or the background to know about the legislation they pass. This includes local school board and local elected officials and state legislators and Congress itself. They depend on experts to educate them or they follow the lead of one of the members of their own body that they trust. So it is important that when you want to stop Common Core or some other crazy Progressive idea that takes away your rights as parents, it is better for you to be the one the elected officials and administrators turn to. Not high paid lobbyist with their own special interest.

Edward Tracey

Rockdale County