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Garden of the Week: The Hosta King
Tom Daugherty, the experimental gardener, states that he likes to take cuttings from plants, stick them in the ground and see if the plant will grow in that particular spot.

"I don't use any fertilizer, I don't use any dirt, I just like to let things grow natural," Daugherty said. "There is no grand plan for what you see here, I just put things I like in places that look like they need something."

Daugherty also said that he is a low-maintenance gardener. The easier they are to take care of, the happier he stays. Low-maintenance is not the thought that came to mind as I searched his neighborhood for the next garden of the week. His yard is very well kept, quaint and lovely, which is what drew me to him and his yard. He probably has the prettiest, fleshiest hosta on his street and he does not mind being called the hosta king.

Daugherty and his family came from Queens and had a small plot of grass, the concrete garden. When he and his family moved to Rockdale County in 1990, they had more than enough land to begin a life's work. He states that his desire and his need to garden came when he moved down here; he also felt he needed to "keep up with the Joneses."