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Garden of the Week - Bill and Patsy Kirby's Garden
By Nancie Greene
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Looking out and over their back deck and flower bed, local citizens, Bill and Patsy Kirby, share on how this particular flower bed came to be.

"We had Leyland Cyprus trees which had gotten too large…we cut them down and then had a large empty space that needed something," said Patsy.

"Basically what we did is look around other places in the yard and decided to move specific plants in that spot that would do well and thrive," she said.

Bill added that a lot of the plants were given to them by neighbors and friends. "Most of our plants are what people call pass-along plants. They are easy to propagate and easy to grow, so people give them to one another. I like to know that I got this plant from a certain person and I associate that with them."

Patsy said that she is happy with what she sees, although it is unfinished. "It is nice to see everything in bloom, but it is still a work in progress," said Bill.

The couple plans to clear several more Cyprus tress and extend the bed, adding purple salvia and other plants.

Patsy's advice for the beginning gardeners is to read about what you are going to plant and make sure it is put in the area it belongs in, "The type of soil, whether it needs sun or shade, if it needs a lot of water or if it can endure a dry environment. Just do a little reading."

Bill suggests looking at what other people have. Decide what you like and do not like; from there you will develop your own taste.