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Couple celebrates 60 years on Dec. 25
Carole and Frank Gossett

Frank and Carol Gossett will celebrate 60 years of marriage on Dec. 25, Christmas day.

The Gossetts met in September 1952, on a blind date — but not with each other. Carol, 15 years old at the time, was going on a date with another guy. Frank was 19 years old and going on a date with another girl. But when the couples all met, Frank saw Carol and knew he wanted to meet her and ask her out. He did, and they were married just a few months later on Christmas night in 1952 by the Rev. Robert Jones in his home in College Park. Coincidentally, the other guy and other girl also ended up getting married. Both couples remained friends until the recent death of the other couple.

Frank and Carol Gossett have four children: Connie Henson of Stockbridge, Kyle Gossett of Covington, Erica Hardeman of Conyers, and the late Stanley Gossett. They have nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

They will celebrate their anniversary together with their children on Christmas day.

The Gossetts have raised children all their life. They had their daughter Connie 10 months after they were married, then son Stanley in 1958 and son Kyle in 1966. They thought they were through with their child-rearing years. Then in 1979, Stanley and his wife had their daughter Erica, at a young age and decided to let their parents adopt her. Then the Gossetts took on raising their niece and another granddaughter. After being married 60 years, this is the first time they have actually lived as husband and wife with no children. When asked if any more children are in their future, they said, “We’re done.” 

At 80 and 75 years old, it’s time to hang up their hats.


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