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Conyers business owner runs for Congress
Greg Pallen running for Fourth Congressional 2012 041512

Greg Pallen of Oxford announced that he will be campaigning for District 4 Representative to the U.S. Congress.

Pallen, 43, is a longtime Oxford resident and local Conyers businessman. He will be running on the Republican ballot on campaign theme, “Honest, Effective Government…for a Change.”

“For too long, our district has been represented by the incumbent who is more interested in his political position rather than the needs of his district,” said Pallen. “Rather than serve the citizens of the district, our representative has served his own self-interests. That stops today.”

Pallen says an honest government is the key.

“I’m running a grassroots campaign for representative because I believe that the only way to solve the problems facing our district is through an open, honest government working in close collaboration with everyone who is willing to help,” said Pallen.

Pallen also says that the wasteful spending in the federal government must stop.

"My business experience will help get our financial house in order. I know how to pinch a penny and balance a budget,” said Pallen.

Pallen, a Wisconsin native, moved to Georgia just after high school and graduated from the University of Georgia. He is the owner of Pallen Enterprises Inc., a geotextiles company for construction, of more than 25 years. He is a member of Oath Keepers, Freedom Force International and Gun Owners of America.

Pallen says he can serve District 4 well because of the love he has for his home district.

“My home and business are in District 4, which is why I care so passionate about my district and its people. I’m not a D.C. politician,” said Pallen. “I want to be your Congressman so that I can be your voice to bring the issues and concerns of the citizens of the Fourth District to Washington and affect change – improving the quality of life of everyone here in Georgia.”

Pallen can be reached through his website, his Facebook page, or his Twitter account, @pallen4congress.