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CMS artists Believe, Dream, Inspire

6th-grade participants: Kimberly Barrett, Charmaine Pollydore and Kyraih Jacobs; 7th-grade participants: Nicholas Ivaniuc, Jeremiah Elliott, Matthew Yaber, Lilly Parham, Andrew Yaber, Arron Geanas, Gustavo Rodriquez, Barak’el Gaines, Destiny Green, Nanan Kouame, Jaxon Cowles, Ambe Phillips, Victoria Edmands, Kathy Ventura, Crystal Bryant, Dwight Henderson, Baylee Moon, Cody Myers and Kevin Phillips; 8th-grade participants: Nwachukwu Maeli, Ja’Layah Holcomb, Kirsten Elvis, Willeta Eley, Olivia Tomlinson, Litzi Leon, Sam Walden, Lamont McGill, Paul McKinney and Isabelle Kirkwood. 

Conyers Middle School students explored their artistic talents through dozens of works of visual arts, photography, film production, literature, dance choreography and music composition, performing under the theme of “Believe, Dream, Inspire” for the annual “Reflections” contest hosted by the CMS PTA and National PTA. Guest judges narrowed the works down to the top winners. All first- and second-place winners will advance to represent CMS at the Rockdale County Public Schools level.  

The winners for Conyers Middle School were: sixth-grade – 1st place ($75) Kimberly Barrett, 2nd place ($50) Kyraih Jacobs, 3rd place ($25), Charmaine Pollydore; seventh-grade – 1st place ($75) Gustavo Rodriquez, 2nd place ($50) Destiny Green, 3rd place ($25) Lilly Parham; eighth-grade – 1st place ($75) Isabelle Kirkwood, 2nd place ($50) Willeta Eley, 3rd place ($25) Ja’Layah Holcomb.

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