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For the past two months, we have been proud to run first-hand accounts from area veterans - our true local heroes.

Pete Mecca, who served in Vietnam himself, tells his fellow veterans' stories with tenderness and respect and treats those brave men and women with honor, whether they served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam or the Gulf.

When we read about the courage and sacrifice exemplified by our local veterans, we can't help but be awed. These men and women gave up parts of their lives and traveled to far away lands to protect us and our freedoms, and for that we thank them.

If you missed any of Pete's stories, they can all be seen at If are a veteran or know one that needs to be profiled, please contact Mecca by email at or contact The News at or by phone at (678) 750-5009.

Veterans, we salute you every day for your efforts past and present, and we thank Pete for devoting his efforts to chronicling and helping us remember their histories.