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The Salvation Army
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"The Salvation Army is the Golden Rule in action: they feed the hungry, and give clothing and comfort where the need is great. They do it without fuss and without asking for credit, providing a dignified leg up to those of us who need it today. I support the Army because my heart feels better when I do."
- Stephen Collins, Star of "7th Heaven"

The Salvation Army had set their trademark red kettles up early this year. We ran an article about them on Friday, which you can read online at, where the Salvation Army stated that because of the desperate state of our economy and its effect on our local citizens, they would try to raise funds to help our local neighbors in need.

Many of us are fortunate enough to not need the help of organizations like the Salvation Army, but if you took the time to actually pay attention, you might be surprised to see that many of your neighbors may be living day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Salvation Army has been an organization that has stayed the course on its Christian roots since its founding in 1865 by William Booth.
The money raised by its meager staff and volunteers has been the lifeblood salvation of many families over the years.

The local Salvation Army is hoping to rise $65,000 this holiday season to meet the needs of our local community.
This is certainly a daunting task, but we have faith in our local friends and neighbors that we will rise to the occasion to support this special community effort to raise funds

The Salvation Army is located at 5193 Washington Street in Covington; they can be reached at (770) 786-2107
If you feel you can donate , please fill those red kettles with a little extra. If giving cash this year is a little hard, give your time, ring a bell or volunteer your services at the center.

We have always found that reaching deep into that pocket to find some cash to give to someone who needs it always puts a smile on our face. We pray that if you do that that you will have the same experience.