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Budgeted billing is a good idea

The Covington City Council voted Monday to allow budgeted utility billing for its customers. We applaud this decision and believe it was the wise and fair thing to do, especially during our current economic downturn. The new system should be in effect by July 1.

Now it will be up to the city’s utility customers to take advantage of this opportunity to control their monthly expenses and plan ahead.


No education cuts is good news

Newton County Schools Superintendant  Dr. Gary Mathews had some good news for us recently when  he told members of the Newton County Board of Education that there might not be a need to make cuts in next year’s budget.  He did not promise the same for the 2013-14 budget.

Mathews said by holding the line this year, it might give the economy a chance to take off for 2013.

We pray he is right and that in 2013 we won’t have to face the devastating cuts in Newton County education we have had to make the last few years.

We give full credit to Dr. Mathews and his staff for this good news.