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Lessons in credit
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We hope that our elected officials from the federal government down to the local level are starting to understand that the credit system in this country had become out of control.

For generations in this country we were taught that unless you could afford something, you just couldn’t purchase it no matter how badly you wanted it.

If your neighbor had a new car and you didn’t, it was because your family couldn’t afford it; no body lost much sleep over it.

The great American dream to own a house, a big boat or a new car is just that — a dream. It was and still is not a guaranteed by our constitution.

To earn these blessings it still takes sweat and determination.

Our elected leaders forgot this when they allowed banks to open the floodgates of credit to all people whether they deserved it or not. Many who were given this free opening to the American dream took advantage of every penny given to them, and when the going got tough those folks simply walked away.

Those of us who have always followed the principles of the American Way, both in our personal and business life, have been left holding the bill for the debt created by greedy and careless people.

We have no doubt the spirit and will of the average American whose parents and grandparents built this great country of ours will come out on top. Because of the work ethic and spirit inherited by our ancestors, our economy will rebuild again.

We also have no doubt that the politicians who created this mess and the people who took advantage of the credit system will slink back into obscurity. Hopefully American voters will not continue to elect another set of misguided politicians who decide that blood, sweat and tears aren’t needed to gain wealth and luxury in this country.