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Full Speed Ahead
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Damn the taxpayers of Georgia, full speed ahead!

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Admiral David Farragut's legendary quote as he invaded Mobile Bay during the Civil War seems to be the motto of our elected officials in the Georgia World Congress Center.

This past week our legislators voted unanimously to approve a deal for a new downtown stadium for the Atlanta Falcons.
The new stadium is projected to cost between $948 million to just over $1 billion.

As we have stated earlier before in this space, if Arthur Blank and the NFL are not satisfied with the current more than adequate Georgia Dome, then they should use their own money to build a stadium. Then they can further fill their pockets with cold hard cash, since this proposed stadium is certainly not going to fill the pockets of the taxpayers of this state.

This is not a project that the citizens of Georgia need to be taking on at this time, as we are all facing the largest tax increases in the nation's history. We hardly need a additional tax that will benefit no one except Arthur Blank and the NFL and possibly, way down the road, the city of Atlanta.

We request you challenge your elected officials on this as recently the governor appointed our local senator as one of his legislative floor leaders.

If you think we don't need this proposed and now fast-tracked stadium, contact your local legislators and let them know.

We don't need to pay one penny of tax to insure the legacy of Arthur Blank, we love the Falcons but not at any cost.