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Don't close the door
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We encourage folks to write letters. It’s important to share your views, and you may be surprised to find how many other people share your views, but simply don’t take the time or are too afraid to express the same views themselves. Not everyone can be a leader, so it’s important for those who have the ability to forge the way.

Last week we ran a letter from a gentleman who made some valid points while expressing his concern about the importance of planned growth in communities. He said he had moved here from Rockdale County and wrote about some extreme examples of poor planning, citing the Ga. Highway 138 corridor as one of the worst.

He said he moved to Newton County because of the peaceful tranquility that exists in much of the county.

We agree that Newton County should not be allowed to be overrun by pool planning that would jeopardize its natural beauty and overall quality of life. However, we disagree that the door to growth needs to be closed completely.

Our quality of life will only be improved if we can find a way to broaden the tax base by recruiting more industry and business (houses generally cost more in services than they pay in taxes; businesses are the opposite).

We believe 2050 Plan is a great plan for the future of the county. Some of our best community leaders, with the help of professional planners, put together the plan in the hope of controlling growth and thereby protecting the county’s natural resources even as the business base and residential population grows.

Current and future elected officials should never lose sight of the plan, and the consequences of unplanned growth as evidenced by our reader’s letter. The economic recession may have actually saved Newton County from being over run by huge subdivisions of starter homes. We pray we never have such a downturn again, but, instead, we’ll need a plan supported by officials and residents. So, what’s your view?