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A Reminder
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If you have not finished your Christmas shopping, don’t feel bad. We are sure many of your friends and family have not either. 

If you haven’t finished shopping (or worse, have not started), may we suggest that you just stay in the area and do your shopping here?

It will be less stressful, the convenience can’t be beat and you might just meet some of your neighbors.

Best of all, what you will be doing is giving yourself a Christmas present of sorts because the money you spend here will be taxed locally, and that tax money will go to pay for many of the perks that you love.

Those perks also make Newton County a great place to live and raise your children.

Please shop locally — you not only support a local business, but you support yourself.

And if you do still have shopping to do, put the paper down and get it taken care of. We’ll be here when you get back.