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Two arrested for loitering and prowling
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Two men were arrested Friday night after loitering around vacant houses in the city.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Lunsford Circle. They spoke with the caller and the man reportedly told them two men, 36-year-old Michael Douglas Camp and 28-year-old Herbert Lee Allen, were no longer wanted on the property after failing to pay rent.

According to reports, the man said that Allen and Camp had stayed at his home, but after refusing to pay rent, were told to leave. When they left, they allegedly tried to fight another resident at the home. He also told officers that the two had admitted to kicking in the door of a vacant residence in the area and would go in there and drink beer. He told them the two might be at that house now or on the square.

Officers first went to the vacant house. They didn’t find Allen and Camp but they did find several beer cans and black bags the complaint had told officers the two used to carry the beer in. As they were leaving the vacant house, officers received a call from the complainant. Allen and Camp were back at his home trying to get someone to let them in.

Because of the late hour, the accusation of vandalism and the fact that the homeowner has asked Allen and Camp to not come back to his home, the two were arrested and charged with loitering and prowling and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.