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Tattoo gives away mans identity
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A man arrested Saturday afternoon vehemently denied being the person authorities were looking for, even though he had a tattoo of his name in plain view on his calf.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to an address on Floyd Street Saturday afternoon and were met by a man and a woman who told them a young man named Casey Michael Wages, 19, had stolen several items and about $75 from them at a home on Aiken Way the night before. The couple said they were able to recover the property but the money was still missing.

They allegedly told officers that they had tracked Wages down to a home on Floyd Street, but when they confronted him he ran off into the woods behind the house. According to reports, a check with the Georgia Crime Information Center, Wages had a warrant outstanding for his arrest for a probation violation as well.

Officers located Wages in a wooded area between Floyd and Martin Streets, but the young man allegedly refused to get on the ground and had to be forcefully placed there, resulting in a small cut on his upper lip.

Reports indicate that when officers were handcuffing Wages they could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and when the officers mentioned that Wages reportedly blurted out that he had consumed two beers but had not been driving.

When they told him he was being arrested for a probation violation, he allegedly told the officers they had the wrong guy. He initially identified himself as Carey Allen Wages and said that Casey was his brother. Officers spoke with the two victims who had called them to the area and they reportedly identified him as Casey. One of the officers pointed out to Wages that he had "KC" tattooed on his calf, but he was adamant that his name was Carey, according to reports.

Officers noticed a wallet inside the truck Wages had identified as his and in the hopes of getting identification out of it to confirm Wages’ identity, they allegedly opened the door and were immediately met with an overwhelming scent of burnt marijuana, according to reports.

The ID in the wallet confirmed that the man they had handcuffed was indeed, Casey Wages. There was also $79 in cash inside the wallet, according to reports and a search of the vehicle uncovered three cold unopened Coor’s Light 12-ounce cans in the backseat.

Wages was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. He was charged with probation violation, giving a false name and consumption of alcohol by a minor.