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Anderson: Week 11 under the Gold Dome
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With just two days left in the 2017 legislative session, we’re almost to the end of what has been an eventful first year as a state Senator. Last week was filled with long nights and a lot of deliberation about the 35 bills we heard on the Senate floor. Here are a few that could affect our district:

HB 341 would expand the penalties for solicitation to include anyone involved in cases of certain sexual offenses and sex trafficking, and would also set requirements for incarceration for sexual offenses. This bill represents another positive step forward in making sure that sex trafficking is eradicated in our state.

HB 391 would allow mothers of newborns under 30 days old to leave their child at police and fire stations. It would also allow mothers to decline to provide any personal identifying information. This bill was brought forward to allow women a safe place to leave their child and protect mothers who may be at risk if they reveal any personal information.

HB 222 would allow members of the Georgia National Guard and Reserve to receive the HOPE Scholarship, and would also require the Georgia Lottery to increase funding to the HOPE Scholarship. This is great news for our military personnel and students across Georgia as the more money that is available for the HOPE Scholarship, the more students will be able to go to college.

HB 245 would grant the spouse of military personnel a temporary license to teach in Georgia if they had to relocate for military purposes. Military families move more than most families, so this bill is a great way to help out the men and women who protect our country by making their spouse’s transition to Georgia easier.

HB 14 would require sheriffs to send any fees collected from criminal and civil court proceedings to the county treasurer.

HB 320 would ban the sale of counterfeit and non-functioning air bags. This will help to protect our consumers and ensure the safety of every driver while on the road.

HB 453 would add the Chief Magistrate Judge of each county to the Board of Trustees of the county law library.

If you have any questions about these bills, or about bills that have previously passed, please let me know. This week will be the busiest of the entire session, but I am never too busy to talk to you. If you are at the Capitol, please let me know. As always, it is an honor serving you under the Gold Dome!

Senator Tonya Anderson represents the 43rd Senate District, which includes portions of DeKalb, Newton and Rockdale counties. She may be reached by email at