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Funeral home looks at Civil War site
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JONESBORO, Ga. (AP) - City officials are set to decide what has become a contentious fight over whether a funeral home should be allowed on the site of a Civil War battlefield.

The Jonesboro City Council is scheduled to take up the matter at a Monday night meeting, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported (

At issue is an 11-acre battlefield where Confederate and Union forces clashed for two days in the Battle of Jonesborough. The Battle of Jonesborough was the final battle of the Atlanta Campaign, and it caused the besieged city of Atlanta to fall under Union control.

Property owner Weisbaden Investments LLC wants the site rezoned for a funeral home.

Historians oppose the plan, saying the site may be the last piece of unspoiled Civil War battlefield in Clayton County.

"So much has been developed and paved over," Barbara Emert, president of the Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County Inc., said about Clayton County.

"It's probably the last known vestiges of the battlefield," she said. "We just believe it would be better environmentally and culturally to keep the land as it is. Make it some sort of park."

Weisbaden officials did not want to discuss the matter, said Ben Loggins, owner of Loggins & Associates, a Jonesboro CPA firm that is the registered agent for Weisbaden Investments LLC.

Having a new business in the city would likely be welcomed at a time when Jonesboro has lost business because of the tough economy, Jonesboro Mayor Joy Day said.

"New business is always beneficial to the city in terms of revenue," Day said.