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Newton 2010 Census numbers released
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Newton County's population is 99,958, growing by more than 61 percent during the previous decade, according to information released today by the U.S. Census.

The county's 2000 population was 62,000, and Newton was one of the fastest growing counties by percentage in Georgia. Still, census numbers are lower than many local estimates, which had placed the county at anywhere from 100,000 to almost 110,000.

The Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce lists an estimated county population of 103,555 for 2009 on its website, while the information company ESRI had an estimate of 104,828.

Steve Cumblidge, GIS manager for Northeast Georgia Regional Commission, said the numbers for several counties were lower than his unofficial estimates. However, he said Newton County's high foreclosure and vacancy rate likely explains much of the difference.

He said the total growth of the 12-county region makes it similar to a metropolitan area, as counties like Barrow and Walton also experienced significant growth.

State population for Georgia is 9,687,653. The makeup of the state population is 59.7 percent white, 30.5 percent black, 3.2 percent Asian, 2.1 percent citizens of two or more races, 4 percent other race. Hispanics and Latinos account for 8.8 percent of the state population.

State population grew 18.3 percent. See an interactive map of Georgia population by county at