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Goetz: Painting the town
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This Thursday, April 12, from 6 to 8 p.m., the city of Covington will be challenged to explore their artistic side during Southern Heartland Arts' first Spring Community Paint Out & Party at the Gallery.

Last year, for Spring Fling, Southern Heartland Arts put on a fashion show that had a satisfying turn-out of 200-300 people, but this year they opted to do something different. Wendy Harrington came up with the idea of the Paint Out.

Everyone is invited to come and participate in the painting of a large mural. The mural, which is made of wood, has a sketched-out design of sunflowers and cheery critters that is perfect for spring time.

Participants will be given a paintbrush, paint, and fifteen minutes to let their creative juices roam, within the sketch of course. Painting the mural is more like a large coloring book than just painting on a blank canvas, but as Susan Wahl put it, this is an opportunity for, "People who never had a paint brush in their hands" to be artistic.

Aside from reaching out to the community artistically, the Southern Heartland Arts also hopes to get the community to reach a closer bond and learn more about what they do in the community.
The Southern Heartland Arts organization encourages the whole community to find their artistic niche.

Margaret Warfield, one of the project's leaders, says she encourages everyone to come by the gallery. "A lot of people still think that they don't belong in an art gallery. Well everybody belongs in an art gallery. You'll be surprised by the creative energy you get from just walking in here because there is so much to see. So come and experience the art, get inspired whether you paint or not because even if you do not paint, your creative juices will start flowing for cooking, for sewing, or for working in your yard."

Warfield noted that art is a great segue for all creative walks of life. "Most of us don't realize that everything we see or buy was created by an artist. Art touches our lives everyday."

She also expressed that art is very important to our society, especially in the school systems. "When the government starts taking art out of the schools they're taking our individuality. It causes us to think inside the box as opposed to outside of the box. Art causes a person to ask, "What if?" and those what ifs can bring different ideas to the table."

Although participants will be painting on a pre-sketched drawing, expressing one's self is still the number one goal with this event.

"I think it's going to be fun, I really do." Warfield remarked.

The finished mural will be displayed along side the walls of Main Street's offices for all of the community to enjoy.

Participants must register the night of the event in order to paint. There is no fee to paint.

There also will be prizes of art supplies and lessons.

For more information, contact (770) 788-8799.