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Peachtree Academy celebrates Panther Day with community volunteering
Peachtree Academy

COVINGTON, Ga. – Peachtree Academy Private School, a leading institution for accelerated students, proudly announces its annual Panther Day, a day dedicated to community service and fostering compassion among students.

Panther Day is a cherished tradition at Peachtree Academy, where students actively engage in volunteer work, leaving a positive impact on the local community. This year’s event promises to be even more impactful as students, faculty, and staff come together to make a difference.

Examples of Volunteering Activities:

  1. Park Cleanup: Students will roll up their sleeves to clean up local parks in Covington, ensuring a cleaner and greener environment for everyone.

  2. First Responder’s BBQ Luncheon: A heartfelt gesture to honor our local first responders who tirelessly serve the community. Students will host a special luncheon to express gratitude.

  3. Assisting Non-Profits: Peachtree Academy students will collaborate with local non-profits, contributing their time and skills to various projects that benefit the community.

  4. Wildlife Center Maintenance: From yard work to general maintenance, students will support wildlife centers in the area, promoting conservation efforts.

  5. Assisted Living Center Projects: Students will engage with residents at assisted living centers, creating meaningful connections and enhancing the lives of seniors.

The Impact of Compassion:

Peachtree Academy believes in instilling compassion from a young age. By participating in Panther Day, students learn empathy, kindness, and the joy of giving back. As an 8th-grade student aptly put it, “It’s a good idea to help people, and we get to bond with our class while working in the community.”