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Alleged shoplifter looked familiar
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A Covington woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after reportedly being caught shoplifting – for the third time – at Kmart.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the store by loss prevention employees, who reportedly noticed Sheena Young shoplifting on camera. The first items she allegedly took were two pairs of pajama shorts, which she shoved in her purse, according to reports.

While the loss prevention employees continued to watch Young, she reportedly concealed bras, panties and a lingerie outfit inside her purse as well, reports said.

Young attempted to leave the store with the hidden unmentionables, when she was stopped by an employee and told that she needed to give the unpaid-for merchandise back. The loss prevention employee reportedly told officers this was the third time they had seen Young shoplift from the store, but the first time they were able to stop her before she left.

Reports indicate that Young told officers that her sole purpose for coming into the store was to shoplift because she didn’t have any money. The merchandise, valued at $131.54, was turned over to Kmart. Young was turned over to officers for processing.

No weaving on 278

Despite pleading with officers not to arrest him because he was almost home, James Anthony Collins was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with DUI.

Officers noticed Collins crossing over lanes and weaving on U.S. Highway 278 around 1:50 a.m. They stopped the car he was driving on Capes Drive.

When they spoke with Collins, reports indicate they could smell alcohol. Additionally, him eyes were glassy and his speech slurred.

Collins reportedly asked officers to let him go, saying, "I’ve only got to make it right around the corner. I’m almost home."

Officers asked Collins how much he’d had to drink and he allegedly told them, "too much to be driving, but I’m almost home. Can you cut me a break?"

After sobriety tests were performed, Collins was placed under arrest. His female passenger reportedly told officers she’d had too much to drink and could not drive. A taxi was called for her.

A breath test showed that Collins blew between a 1.51 and a 1.56; the legal limit in Georgia is .08. He was charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane.