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Readers, thanks for joining us again and thanks, as always, for reading. Man, what a week we just had. It was something else, and there's a genuine thought on our end that this upcoming week is going to be even better. That's just life in Covington and Newton Co. Somebody's gotta live the high life! 

And some of you may have noticed that we do have another column title. This week's edition - "The Newton Beat." I like it. So, this is where we're at. Mrs. GM and Ms. Editor have decided that we should have a reader’s poll to settle the score once and for all. Because, y'all know me, I'd just keep going and going. Maybe six months from now, and our ole pal Marshall would be on like his 35th working title, or something. 

The voice of reason prevails, so we're going to consult vox populi, "the voice of the people," to find our permanent title. Here's a quick recap of your five choices: 

  • "The Sunday Buffet" Fresh offerings of all things Covington and Newton on the smorgasbord line, with a tip of the hat to The Senator with "Get The Picture."
  • "The Ulcofauhatchee Holler" What's the word around town with a tip of the hat to Mr. CFO, and also two other Tonto Network members. 
  • "The Covington Crier" Hear Ye, Hear Ye. A favorite of many, a collaborative effort with our ole pal, AB. 
  • "The Alcovy Telegraph" Probably my personal favorite for title, and our first introduction to our first correspondent, Miss Kayla Leasure. 
  • "The Newton Beat" Hmmm...jury's still out.

After Hours 

There's going to be a photography exhibit at Southern Heartland Art Gallery on Friday June 2 as part of its First Friday series. Old NCHS classmate and sister from another mister, DeAnn Jones, gave me the heads up on this and I'm so glad she did. Look for featured works from Athenia Cato, Ron Manson, DeAnn, and several others mixed in with some live music and great fellowship and fun. I'm really looking forward to this one. 
And I know I say this pretty much every week, but this upcoming week does seem to look pretty epic in terms of live music. Chris, Jon and Scott hit The Listening Room again for the first time in a bit on Friday. I know where I'll be going after Southern Heartland! Check Xavier's Music Fix for more information on the rest of these fabulous shows we've got coming up. 

Arts & Culture 
An alert reader sent me a PDF of the rules of Croquet, and I'm so glad he did. I'd just like to paraphrase "the object of the game." 

The Object of the game is to move your ball, by hitting or stroking, through a series of nine different wickets in the proper sequence, and by becoming a stinger and hitting all remaining balls on the court as the winner, or by getting the most points. 
Now that, my friends, is a great game. I feel pretty fortunate that I was raised with parents who not only had a Croquet set, but also were Croquet enthusiasts who would play games with my brother and me. I always sure enjoyed it. 
So...that's maybe a check mark on culture, right? We'll have some more culture at some point for you fine readers. 

Food, Dining & Shopping 

*See Kayla's Korner

Local Happenings, Miscellany & What-not 

A lot in the book this past week. Trash juice on the sidewalks of the Square was a pretty big item of discussion. We think we've got it figured out, though. Either use better trash bags in the municipal trash receptacles, or get those morning workers a rolling hopper to collect the bags in and then they can roll that to whichever dumpster they're using. If it happens again, instead of bemoaning it and stirring up a fuss, I'm just going to get some of my custodial technician supplies from the real estate office, and will, in the words of Tom Evans, "handle it." 

Can I go ahead and just "handle" the light at Elm and Floyd? Let me know via smoke signal only, please and thank you. 

Thanks for reading, guys. ‘Till next time.