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First Lady Deal visits STRIVE Clubhouse
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Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Deal and Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) Commissioner Frank Berry recently toured View Point Health’s STRIVE Clubhouse. STRIVE Clubhouse is 1 of 12 Resiliency Support Clubhouses in Georgia.

Commissioner Berry shared that one of Governor Deal’s interests is reform within the juvenile justice system. Many youth involved with the juvenile justice system often struggle with mental health issues. The various Clubhouses in Georgia offer an outlet for at-risk youth, helping them to change their environment, address issues that may cause barriers in their lives, while also helping parents to better understand and connect with their children.

Starting in October 2015, STRIVE Clubhouse welcomed Newton County and Rockdale County youth ages 11-14 years old, as well as their families. STRIVE Clubhouse is a place where members grow, and not just go. When attending STRIVE Clubhouse, youth are able to receive therapeutic recreational activities and gain valuable life and social skills needed to excel in their home, community, and school settings.

First Lady Deal experienced some of the wonderful things that members are doing at STRIVE as she spent quality time with members and their parents. She listened as members shared their stories of how they have learned to overcome obstacles and received help to improve their academics. First Lady Deal also heard from Ms. Elizabeth, a parent, who expressed how her son and her entire family have been helped. She mentioned the positive impact of attending family outings scheduled by STRIVE Clubhouse that bring the family together for fun times. Ms. Elizabeth noted, “STRIVE Clubhouse was the missing piece of the puzzle to the services our family needed.”

The visit was enjoyed by both First Lady Deal and the members in attendance. The members escorted her around the building providing a personal tour and listened attentively as she spoke to them about the importance of choosing friends wisely, excelling academically, and preparing to enter high school.

View Point Health and STRIVE Clubhouse are committed to offering person-centered care with a focus on members and their families. If you know a youth attending middle school in Rockdale County or Newton County who could benefit from attending STRIVE Clubhouse, please contact Erica Neal at 678-836-5651.