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A fool and his money
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Dear Editor: Most of us at one time or another has heard the saying about a fool and his money. Now it's the Covington taxpayers' money being spent, rather foolishly, by the mayor and some council members. It's the taxpayers' money because 30 years ago when the city council decided to start a cable utility, it was their tax dollars that funded what we know as Covington Cable.

Supposedly our land follows the principle of separation of church and state. If so, the city of Covington does not need to, nor has the right to, spend our tax dollars on faith based organizations. If you don't agree with the term separation of church and state, then would you agree the city needs to invest in private enterprise? I think not.

The mayor stated three or more times in Monday evening's meeting that he had an appraisal for $980,000 for the buildings the city purchased.

Why would he want to pay that sum for property which some say is worth only half that amount? And how much will it cost to bring the buildings up to code?

If the mayor was fiscally responsible, he and the council would invest the twenty-two plus million, that's correct million, dollars in deposits which, at the least, would reap a whopping one million dollars a year in interest at 5 percent. That's a million dollars a year they could use to pay off debt, reduce taxes or use for emergency spending.

It is inconceivable to me and others attending Monday evening's meeting, that the mayor allowed the meeting to get out of control and was rude to those who spoke against his great plan for spending part of the cable proceeds for a faith-based shelter.

My church, along with 26 others, supports Rainbow Ministries, FaithWorks and the food pantry. Other funds come from the private sector - individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Citizens of Covington, this is another wake-up call. Pay careful attention to how your tax dollars are being spent. Government waste of your money starts right here at home with the city, the county, the state and on to the federal government. Attend meetings, voice your opinion and remember your vote does make a difference.