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Unemployment rate for Rockdale County drops in April
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CONYERS - Rockdale County had another successful month with more citizens finding work. 

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, Rockdale’s unemployment rate fell to 6.4 percent in April, marking the third consecutive month this year the rate has dropped. 

Over 200 more citizens of Rockdale found employment compared to March, bringing the total number of employed to 39,476 with a labor force of 42,165. 

The unemployment rate this same time a year ago was 7.5 percent. 

Newton County saw a similar drop in its unemployment rate. The rate declined .4 percent from March to 6.5 percent in April. That’s 1.4 percent lower than the rate was in April 2014. 

The number of employment citizens in Newton increased to 44,736, almost 200 more working people. The eligible work force also saw a minimal increase of 60 people to 47,870.

The entire metro-Atlanta area saw a drop in unemployment rates last month. The rate is 5.6 percent, which is .4 percent lower than March and .8 percent lower than it was in April 2014. 

Georgia’s overall unemployment rate remained the same as March. It currently sits at 6.3 percent, which is still a full percentage point less than it was a year ago.