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Suspect charged with murder for role in Pracht's death
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In addition to his previous charges, Kiquan Rogers, a 21-year-old suspect in the death of Shawn Pracht, is now being charged with felony murder.

Investigators presented evidence to Chief Magistrate Court Judge Phinia Aten during a committal hearing to support adding the charge to Rogers case. The crux of the claim is in the fact that Rodgers' actions pertaining to the alleged armed robbery led to Pracht's death.

When you cause a death, whether directly or indirectly, while in the act of committing a felony, that could carry a felony murder charge, says Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Cpl. Michael Camp.

With the felony murder charge, if convicted, Rodgers could face a sentence of life in prison. He was already being charged with being a party to a crime.

The other suspect in the case, Nicholas Coggins, may also get a felony murder charge. His committal hearing will take place this upcoming Wednesday. He's currently facing an armed robbery charge.

A little after noon on Sept. 4, Coggins, 21, allegedly held 23-year-old Pracht at gunpoint in Pracht's Bridlewood apartment, 1150 Sigman Road, Conyers, in an attempt to rob him. Rogers is believed to be the one who gave Coggins access to Pracht's apartment to carry out the crime, said Camp.

"Rodgers was an acquaintance of Pracht," Camp said. "We believe that (Rodgers) let the second guy (Coggins) in the apartment."

In an attempt to escape from the situation, the RCSO believe Pracht dove through his glass bedroom window, which was closed, causing several cuts and scrapes on his body. One major cut nicked an artery in his leg causing him to bleed severely.

Pracht managed to escape and receive assistance from a neighbor, who called 9-1-1. Once medical help arrived, Pracht was transported to Rockdale Medical Center and then transported to a hospital in Atlanta where he died around 7 p.m. that night.

Rodgers was arrested almost a week after the incident on Sept. 10 and Coggins, who the RCSO believes was the only suspect wielding the handgun, was arrested Wednesday.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and the RCSO is still awaiting the Pracht's autospy report, which is being handled by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The two suspects are currently being held in the Rockdale County Jail. No other individuals are believed to have been involved with the crime.

Pracht worked as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens and was an avid sports fan. A "Celebration of Life" service was held for him Saturday, Sept. 13, at LaQuinta in Conyers.