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Our Thoughts: Amazing
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This past week a local corporation the Sika Company which has been here in Conyers since 2003, celebrating the opening of a new division in the county.

What amazes us about companies like Sika who have also been active partners with the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is that so many have no idea what they do. It turns out that Seka  has been in business for 104 years and has over 15,000 employees worldwide.

They are involved in making so many products that effectively have sparked and helped promote worldwide industrial growth.You have probably used one of their products one time or another in your daily life. We suggest that you look them up on the web to read more.

What we liked about the opening of their new, cutting edge plant is to hear that their leadership was excited to be here in Rockdale County.

So the next time you drive past an industrial building that has some strange name in front of it, think about the worldwide presence that the company is providing for Conyers, Rockdale County.

We salute the Sika Company and their employees; thanks for making Conyers, Rockdale County a base for some of your worldwide endeavors.