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Man on the Street: Father's Day
Bill Kjorlien - photo by Jessica Smith

For a special Father's Day edition of Man on the Street, we asked about your favorite memories with your dad. Here are a few replies:

Bill Kjorlien says he doesn't need a day to honor his father - not a day goes by he doesn't remember something his dad, Donald, who passed away when he was 13, taught him of the Bible, baseball and keeping positive.

Isabella Passmore, 3, says her favorite things to do with daddy, Troy Passmore, are playing chase and being silly and golf.

Honey Creek Pro Shop Manager David Cole's favorite memory of his dad, James, is attending his first Braves baseball game.

Lifeguard, GPC student and aspiring park ranger Chris Milton, 21, says camping and fishing with his dad, Dennis. A stand-out was a 10-day wilderness canoe adventure in the Boundary Waters of Canada when he was 15.

Madison Eidson, 11, says working with her dad, David, on his vintage cars - favorite part, the engines - and playing softball.

Georgia Southern University softball player Callie Alford says solo time with her dad, Dan, on the lake bass fishing and hunting white-tail deer.