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Letter: Hide and seek
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Dear Editor: Well, why go to the comedy clubs in Atlanta when you can just read your local paper for all the giggles you could ever want?

Yes, this recent game of “ Hide and Seek” played by the by committee to find a new Conyers Development Authority director was one of the best in years.

Do not get me wrong — Marty Jones showed he is one of the smartest guys anywhere, not just here in “ Small Pond USA.” Yes, how he was able to slip off the City Council and then lift the circus tent flap to ease his way into the lineup for contenders. Then, when the “committee with no clues” cannot find the talent they know they really must have to get off first base, they propose to add another — you guessed it — whopper of a raise in salary to be paid by the asleep taxpayers. They are asleep after hours and hours trying to get their promised health care coverage on line. Gotta love their effort, even though they will need to use some vacation time to whip that pesky Obamacare website.

Now, back to the circus, we see that, finally, after months of searching for the right guy, we low and behold find him here right in the middle of us. And out steps Marty Jones to be proclaimed the very best, even though we taxpayers had him before the unnecessary $25,000 raise by the “clueless committee.”

Well, me and Opie are heading down to the pond to fish and try and guess what new adventures await us here in Small Pond USA. Bye now.

Don Meyer