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Fresh, organic market now open in Conyers
Shoppers who are looking for fresh and organic food with a friendly, hometown feel will find exactly what they need at The Market Conyers, which opened this week.

"We want to be your local Rockdale market. We're all about being local, fresh and friendly," said celebrity chef Curtis Aikens, who owns the market with partners Bill Hope and Buck Vaughn. "We want to bring back the old time market."

Located on Highway 138 in the former John Deere building, The Market Conyers boasts a wide selection of organic and fresh produce from local farmers. Items include fruits, vegetables and dairy products, such as eggs and cold pasteurized local milk.

"We want people to come in, have a great selection of produce, meet friendly people who are going to talk to them about food," said Aikens. "We want to bring the slow food movement back to shopping where people can slow down, take their time and enjoy shopping for their food."

In addition to the fresh and organic produce and products, Aikens said The Market Conyers also will carry specialty items, such as pickled watermelon rinds, and is looking to stock products, such as BBQ sauces and chow chow, that are produced by individuals in Rockdale County and surrounding communities.
"We really want to showcase local food made by people right here in this community," said Aikens.

The market is enlisting the help of technology to ensure customers get the freshest organic produce possible. For those who sign up on the Web site, an e-mail will go out each week with a list of available organic produce. Customer can make their selections and pick up their produce at The Market Conyers.

"We want to teach people how to buy what's fresh and use what's fresh," Aikens said. "You'll get better flavor, better nutritional value, and the taste is out of this world."

The jewel of the store will be the full scale garden, which will be located on the lot adjacent to the store. Some of the produce sold in the store will be grown in the garden, and garden and cooking seminars are planned to be held there also.

While Rockdale is home to several grocery chains, Aikens said The Market Conyers offers customers an experience unlike any they'll find in the county.

"For people who are into this movement, we offer another option. If you're looking for fresh and organic foods, that's what we're here for," he said.

The Market Conyers is located at 1180 Highway 138 S.E. in Conyers. For more information, visit