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Four years ago, the nation was atwitter at the thought of electing a youthful, energetic breath of fresh air.

First time voters and voters who had not voted in years flocked to the polls to elect this man who promised hope and change.

If you still feel that way four years later, good for you; they say that naiveté eases the pain of real-life situations.

Barak Obama was and still is the darling of his main-street media masters who helped create the image of him that was projected to the American electorate in the 2008 election. This same group still do their best to maintain that image, truth be damned.

The fact that papers like the New York Times, the Washington Post and TV stations like NBC and ABC still, at times, will not print the real truth no matter what it concerns. These media outlets make big stories out of non-existent issues and turn them into political molehills - something that is disgraceful and morally unethical.

Now in addition to this, we are finding that some national polls are being skewed by figures from the 2008 election; figures that were in all likelihood an anomaly for the 2008 election only.

We urge you not to be manipulated by whatever force there is in this country which feels it can influence your decision without fear of you doing something about it.

We implore you to read every article you can find on our two presidential candidates and make your own decision based on what you determine to be the truth.

Then vote on Nov. 6; this vote will be one of your most important decisions.

If you have not voted before, please register now. When you reach the polls this November, be your own person, not the product of a manipulated few.