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Hometown Hero
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Porterdale police Lt. Jason Cripps shows up for his job every day and conducts himself in a professional manner.

Last Wednesday seemed to be a normal day as Cripps went about his work, serving and protecting the good people of Porterdale.

However, a different kind of call came in that day when witnesses reported a man dressed in only his underwear jumped off the bridge in Porterdale into the cold Yellow River.

Cripps rushed to the scene and didn't hesitate to jump into the 45-degree water of the river and pull 60-year-old Earl Young to safety.

There's some irony to this situation as Young had once threatened Cripps' life.

Some may say Cripps was just doing his job, but we believe jumping into a river and saving a man's life makes you a hero. We salute you, Lt. Cripps and are proud to call you one of our Hometown Heroes.