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Election 2009
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We would like to congratulate the winners of this Tuesday's election.

Hawnethia Williams, Chris Smith, Sue Dale, James Windham, Terry Smith, Lyra Cocchi, Larry Haigwood, Larry Cummins, Roger Sheridan, Martha Ellwanger, Gene Downs, John Donaldson, Tom Kreiger, Lowell Chambers, Arline Chapman and Mike Harper will represent the municipalities of Newton County excellently we are sure.

It is not easy being an elected official; even on the local level it takes hours of study and reflection - your time is no longer yours.

We pray that each of you will have the stamina and the courage to make decisions that will work best for the majority of your constituents, especially in these tough economic times.

While we are proud of those who ran for office, it was disappointing to see the turnout percentages of registered voters. To us the low percentages are a reflection that Newton County is still a bedroom community, with most residents not working within its borders. We hope this new batch of elected officials will do everything within their power to attract more business and industry so that the people who live here can work here too.

Those who had the time to vote yesterday and didn't, should not criticize any decision made by those elected because they did not take time to add their voice to the mix.