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Dear Editor: First, I want to thank the voters of the 1st Commission District of Newton County for their confidence and support. Being elected as the next commissioner for east and south Newton County is a very great honor that Susan and I will cherish. Meeting so many of our citizens in person, sitting on front porches chatting, listening to your concerns and traveling the district five days a week was very instructive and educational. All of that effort will work to benefit the district as we move forward beginning in January.

For those who supported me, thank you for your votes. I pledge that I will work with, listen to and assist you in every way I can over the next four years. For those who did not vote for me, I will work hard to earn your trust and confidence.

The key issue of the campaign was maintaining the quality of life we have in this part of Newton County. I will work with all my ability and strength to maintain our rural and semi rural atmosphere, to avoid congestion, maintain lot sizes and keep out apartments, condos and multi family housing. I will not vote for tax increases; I will work to find the money for cost of living pay raises for our employees, especially public safety heroes, and will continue the hands on approach to serving that has defined my previous public service.

Finally, let me say to my former opponent John Strauss, you ran an honorable, tough campaign that could have easily resulted in a different outcome. I appreciate your desire to serve our county and look forward to wise counsel and advice from you over the next four years.

Once again, Susan and I thank the citizens of the 1st Commission District for their confidence and support and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you once again in a new capacity.
John Douglas