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Save your tears missed the boat
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Dear editor:

Although your editorials are generally factual, you missed the boat on this one.

Fact: The Anti-deficiency law (passed in the early 20th century) prohibits the expenditure of funds unless they are appropriated.

Fact: Although 85 percent of the government is on the job, they are NOT getting paid, yet.

Fact: Yes we are eligible for unemployment benefits, but, because we will get back pay, we will have to repay the State of Georgia for any benefits received.

Fact: Since the Government pay is two weeks after the end of a pay period, we have a full check on the 15th, however on the 29th we will get a check for six days of work, but deductions will be based on a full check for medical insurance, etc. If the shutdown continues, on the next scheduled payday there will be no check. This why we apply for unemployment.

Fact: Federal employees are looking at bleak times with sequester and shutdown while Nero fiddles.

And although I have been furloughed, I have had to go into the office on a Sunday, to help with a problem. Will I get paid? Maybe.

Gil Noice