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Letter to the editor: Quick action averts tragedy
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Dear Editor,

In recognition of the exemplary conduct of three of your students who attend Eastside and Cousins:

On Sunday, Jan. 19, my house caught fire in the middle of the night while my family and I slept. If not for the actions of many concerned neighbors who immediately notified the fire department, our house could have been completely destroyed. Brothers Micah and Adam Hart and their father David, and family friend, Brock Carter, deserve special recognition for their efforts in saving my family from catastrophic injury or possible death.

On the night of the fire, Micah, Adam and Brock were camping out on the vacant lot across from my house when they noticed the fire that had started in our garage and had engulfed my three cars in flames. They could have ignored the fire and left it to others to call for help. Instead, they immediately called David Hart, who called the fire department. David then drove partially up our driveway and repeatedly honked his car horn. My daughter awoke from the sound of the horn and then ran to awaken my wife and me so we could begin an orderly evacuation. Because of David Hart, Micah, Adam and Brock, we were also able to safely evacuate our five dogs. While we waited for the fire department and then watched helplessly as the fire spread to our house, we were comforted by neighbors, most of whom had come from other areas of our development and whom we had never met.

My family cannot begin to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us that frightful night. However, without the quick, calm and decisive actions of Micah, Adam and Brock, my family would not be safe and our house may have been completely destroyed. Nowadays, it is fashionable to criticize teenagers as completely self-centered and selfish. Obviously, the actions of Micah, Adam and Brock demonstrate the falsity of that belief. They stand as models for all teenagers. I am happy to report that the home repairs are fully under way.

Robert E. Lesser