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Letter to the editor: Fire down below
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The political machine that controls Covington, Newton County and the remainder of small towns here has set in motion a plan to facilitate a virtual take over of property owners’ rights. In the process, they have spent unbridled and without any sense of direction which would focus upon what the citizens’ desire.

From the original meetings which sold hard the points conjured up by radical extremists to destroy the American Dream right here in our own back yard, to the final nail in their coffins whereupon they attempt to take the extreme pressure off the politicians by forming a citizens’ group, nothing has changed since day one of the 2050 Plan. They really think you would play with a stacked deck and not know the difference.

These people suffer from the strange illusion that they have the power. They are convinced they are immune from any change in destiny as they see it. These people couldn’t be more delusional.

This small handful of useless power brokers has angered tens of thousands of local citizens, the citizens who honestly do have the power. They have shown their true colors. Their numbers could actually be as great as two dozen but most likely even less when the shells start to fly over the ramparts. They have also shown their ignorance. As in the Magna Carta of 1215, “The King’s Power is Not Absolute.” We’ve come a long way since then. Revolution and World Wars have aptly illustrated to those who would ‘rule’ where the real power lies.

The fire down below has been ignited right here in Newton County, Georgia and whatever it takes, according to some locals, whatever it takes, this power grab by local officials, driven by some few, will not stand muster.

If you have any sense of reality you would not make war against tens of thousands of angry citizens, and we are citizens not subjects, if your numbers were as stated, less than two dozen. Choose wisely.

Samuel Martin Hay III