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Is 'free' really free?
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I was intrigued by your article announcing that, thanks to a unanimous vote by our City Council, Covington "will get two or three electric vehicle chargers AT NO COST..." courtesy of a bankrupt national government. There is something strange about a government that can’t balance its budget, giving something away "free" that people only buy if there is a subsidy involved – at the production, consumption and use levels.

By getting involved in this we become enablers to the national government’s addiction to excessive spending.

We simply should say, "No", to these wrongheaded "gifts." Studies indicate that, in their totality, electric vehicles are responsible for more pollution than gas-powered ones. They cost an arm and a leg to purchase, even with the outrageous tax subsidy.

And, without subsidies, they actually cost more to operate. That’s why no one buys them. Oh, I forgot, the City of Covington is considering buying a fleet of them.

Lastly, they will not be "free." They will open us up to all kinds of federal (EPA, Energy Department, OSHA, etc.) regulations. Someone will have to maintain them.

They will be conveniences for people driving golf carts, eventually ending up as a rusted-out unused relic like the bridge to nowhere on Emory Street.