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Flight of Leigh Anne Knight
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I am retired from the U.S. Department of Defense and have resided on Lake Jackson for nine years. We used to do shopping and dining out in Covington, but we now go to Jackson and Monticello.

Covington always seems to be a traffic nightmare, and there always seems to be something questionable regarding the City of Covington government. We buy the Covington papers.

The latest strange act is the (free?) transporting from Florida to Covington of the city manager Leigh Anne Knight by Angel Flight.

Angel Flight has always flown critical patients (normally children) usually indigent, to areas of the country to seek treatment not available in the state where they reside. Ms. Knight was neither indigent, nor was she seeking medical treatment. She was in no time-critical situation that required a quick flight to Covington.

Her Angel Flight seems to be only for convenience as she was back at work two weeks after a heart attack. Angel Flight is a nonprofit organization and receives donations from people in all walks of life.

It seems to me that Ms. Knight’s flight was an embarrassment to their donors and all other Angel Flight volunteers outside Covington.

There are three legal questions that need to be answered regarding this flight. Do the pilots who flew Ms. Knight have planes (or plane) housed at the Covington airport?

Does Ms. Knight in her position as city manager have any control or influence in regard to the operation of the airport? Would there be anything for the pilots to gain ( in the way of favors) from their transporting (free of charge) the city manager?

It would seem to me that the city manager should surely have adequate medical insurance to cover her expenses. It is also hard to imagine her situation being so critical that she was able to return to work in two weeks.

This is certainly special treatment and should be thoroughly reviewed by the GBI or FBI since air space was involved. No wonder citizens mistrust all branches of government.

Anthony Mitchell

Jackson Lake