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Dear Fellow Covingtonians,
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Have you ever felt like you were in a movie? Meaning that everything was so perfect that it couldn’t actually be really happening? Halloween in Covington is like that.

The crisp fall air snapping the smell of turning leaves and pine to your nose; the sound of the high school marching band at the game in Sharp Field; the laughter of children (and adults), floating through the darkened roads as they go from house to house Trick-or-Treating.

As I made my way through town, I noticed that there were almost as many adults as children in costume. The homeowners on the streets leading to the square, especially on Floyd Street, pulled out all the stops to entertain the costumed hoard. As the evening wore on and houselights turned off (out of candy, I’d suppose), revelers made their way home respectfully and joyfully, neighbors and schoolmates greeting one another.

I know, it sounds unreal, right? Exactly! Like in a movie! I’d just like to say “Thank you” to all those who participated in this evening. I look forward to Halloween in Covington every year, and feel sorry for those who miss it!

Wendy Harrington