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Shelter resident charged in thefts
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Covington police officers arrested a man, who reportedly was staying at the Garden of Gethsemane homeless shelter, for allegedly attempting to steal several metal items from the shelter and $150,000 worth of scrap metal from a recycling center Saturday.

According to reports, police first responded to the homeless shelter on Turner Lake Circle around 7:30 a.m. when an employee reported that several items had been stolen. The employee said she left around 11 p.m. the previous night, and when she returned, a grill was missing, someone had broken into the kitchen, and metal handles had been removed from the refrigerator. She also said that all the groceries were taken out of the refrigerator, bagged up and placed in a buggy outside.

The employee reported that the only person missing from the shelter was Trinity Williams.

Shortly after visiting the shelter, police were called by an employee at L&B Recycling Center on Washington Street, who said that a man, later identified as Williams, was stealing from the property and that the owner of the recycling center had chased after him.

The owner of the recycling center reportedly chased Williams through a creek, businesses and onto Spillers Drive, where Williams allegedly knocked on the door of a residence and was let in after he said, "Let me in; someone is chasing me," according to reports.

The employee, who watched the residence, reported to police that Williams was inside for a few minutes and then came out with "a solo cup filled with milk."

The owner of the recycling center reportedly then told Williams that police were on the way and followed him.

When officers arrived, Williams was taken into custody without incident.

Police found keys to a Mack truck and other keys in Williams’ right front pocket. When another officer arrived, she identified Williams as the person being sought in connection with the thefts at the homeless shelter.

At the scene, police reportedly discovered that the recycling center’s security camera had captured footage of Williams inside the cab of a Mack truck, which had the missing keys later found with Williams. Police said, "It is not known if Mr. Williams was trying to steal that truck, or was just looking for more items to load into the other truck."

Williams reportedly broke the locks off two separate storage rooms on the property, and attempted to steal several items by placing them in one of the Mack trucks on the property.

Some of those items included a metal lawn tractor body, three Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft motors for John Deere equipment, a window A/C unit, a clutch for a John Deere tractor, the frame for a moisture sensor cell, an extension cord, a skill saw and various small metal objects.

The business’s owner told police the Mack truck that had the items loaded onto it also had an attached trailer loaded with processed scrap metal.

"The truck and its contents are estimated at over $150,000," the report said.

Williams was charged with theft by taking for the items taken from the homeless shelter, burglary in the second degree for allegedly entering the first Mack truck, theft by taking for the second Mack truck, and two counts of burglary in the second degree for entering the two storage rooms.