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Looking behind in time
For Daylight Saving Time, we looked behind the courthouse clock

Daylight Saving Time is here once again had everyone turn their clock back an hour Sunday morning.

In honor of gaining an hour of sleep, The Covington News took a look inside what is arguably Georgia’s most famous clock at the Historic Covington Courthouse this week.

What we saw took us back in time, more than just an hour. Construction on the clock began the same time as the courthouse in 1865 (also the birth year of this publication).

The clock tower is made up of four levels.

On the first is the actual clock, still housed in its original location, three stories below the clock we can see from the Square.

Above the actual clock is where the bell is housed. Interesting facts about the bell forged in New York in 1865, the hammer configured to not strike the bell during filming of the many scenes which helped to make it so famous and though it swings back and forth the bell has strike marks the entire way around.

Above the bell there is two more flights of steps to climb up before reaching the clock. On the third floor, you can clearly see where the mechanisms were once moved from a corner of the tower to the center, where the gears are now.

At the clock level, a scaffold holds up the four arms to each side of the clock tower. The county still has the original clock hands, though they are not the ones we see today.