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Ga. legislators to take one furlough day a month for remainder of 2009
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ATLANTA - Starting this month, all 180 State House members and 56 State Senators will take one day of furlough a month for the remaining five months of 2009 in order to cut costs amid the economic recession.

With the state budget so tight, other state employees being furloughed and the legislature finding ways to make even further cuts, elected leaders in the state government joined in the effort as well. State Senator John Douglas (R-Social Circle) and Representative John Lunsford (R- McDonough) support the need to for this fiscal responsibility.

"In these very difficult economic times, state employees will be furloughed for three days during the remaining months of 2009. It is all together fitting and proper that Senators and Representatives should lead the way with twice as many furlough days than are being asked of other employees," says Sen. Douglas. "Beginning now, state legislators will take one day per month without pay until further notice. While none of us ever wanted to have to see reduced pay for anyone, now that we have gotten to that point, we must lead by example."

"All of us are in this together and together we will work our way out of the worst recession in 80 years," says Rep Lunsford. "For now, we can best provide leadership for Georgia by giving ourselves more furlough days than are being asked for other state employees."

Georgia state lawmakers continue to monitor and assess the state budget situation to determine if furloughs may need to continue for the remainder of the fiscal year.