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SUV damaged by early morning gunshots in Covington
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COVINGTON, Ga. – A dispute over a marijuana deal is being mentioned as a possible reason for early Sunday morning gunfire that damaged a SUV parked in a driveway, police said.

According to a Covington Police incident report, officers responded to a home on Lakeview Drive just before 3:30 a.m. Dec. 17 on a report of a discharged firearm. When they got there, the caller told them that somebody had shot his girlfriend’s Ford Expedition while it was parked under the carport in the driveway.

Officers observed three bullet holes in the windshield, one bullet hole near the passenger side headlight and one ricochet onto the driver’s door and into the brick column near the vehicle.

The SUV’s owner told police she and her boyfriend, the caller, had been home since 1:45 a.m. when they returned from the QT on Highway 278. She reportedly said she didn’t have any issues with anyone and did not know why anyone would shoot at her vehicle.

According to the report, the caller told police he had one person in mind who would have done the shooting. He told police two weeks ago he was contacted by a person he knew as “Too Tall,” a male in his 20s, who wanted to purchase some “tree,” or marijuana.

The caller reportedly told “Too Tall” he didn’t have any but knew somebody who did. According to the report, the caller told police he sent “Too Tall” to a house in Porterdale. Later, he received a call from somebody telling him that “Too Tall” had shorted him in cash when he received his marijuana.

The caller said he then contacted “Too Tall” and advised him to pay for the marijuana he received. The caller told police he later got a phone call from the person in Porterdale saying their white mini-van had been shot and a silver truck was seen speeding away. The caller told police he thinks that was why his girlfriend’s silver SUV was shot.

According to the report, the caller told police he did not have any proof of who shot the vehicle. Police took photos of the scene and collected bullet fragments as evidence.