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Speeding car in Porterdale leads to drug arrest
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Porterdale Police Department (PPD) arrested a woman originally stopped for speeding on drug charges after a baggie containing suspected ecstasy was found in the vehicle.

According to his report, PPD Officer Matt Munger was monitoring traffic using radar on Crowell Road when he clocked a white 1998 Honda Accord driven by Felicia Jester travelling 56 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Munger stopped the vehicle and as he approached it, he reportedly smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. He made contact with Jester, who, according to the report said she was unaware of how fast she was going. Munger asked her to step out of the car and asked if anybody in it had been smoking marijuana. Jester reportedly replied yes.

According to the report, Munger then asked the passenger in the vehicle, identified as Concetta Fletcher, to step out of the vehicle. When asked about the smell of marijuana in the vehicle, Fletcher reportedly produced a piece of paper with a small piece of a marijuana cigarette. Munger did not believe that was the source of the odor and Fletcher said there was a baggie of the marijuana in the sunglass holder.

According to the report, Munger removed the baggie from the sunglass holder and it contained less that an ounce of suspected marijuana. There was still an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Due to the odor and the fact that drugs had been found in the vehicle, Munger removed a purse identified as Jester’s from the car and searched it. Inside the purse, in addition to medication bottles in Jester’s name, was a clear baggie containing a large amount of different colored pills suspected to be ecstasy tablets.

Fletcher was given a citation for the marijuana and released. Jester was placed under arrest for possession of ecstasy and speeding and transported to the Newton County jail.

According to the report, when the baggie was inventoried, it contained 70 pills. There was also powder from a pill that broke down in the bottom of the baggie that tested positive as MDMA/methamphetamine.