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Newton County Jail Log: Dec. 14
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Emmanuel Nairobi Asu, 45, Conyers, Dec. 13, driving while license suspended or revoked, marijuana-possession less than 1 ounce, no proof of insurance, suspended, revoked or canceled registration

William Carl Barlow, 21, Covington, Dec. 9, probation violation

Roy Delane Buffkin, 42, Covington, Dec. 12, court sentenced to work release

Amber Elaine Chambers, 25, Women’s PDC, Dec. 12, back for court

Blake Michael-Allen Clinton, 29, Covington, Dec. 11, possession of methamphetamine, aggravated battery/family violence

Shandria Renea Elliott, 47, Social Circle, Dec. 7, hold for other agency, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor

Mary Kaye Ghorley, 47, Newborn, Dec. 10, court sentenced

Joseph Marcello Gill, 26, Covington, Dec. 7, aggravated assault, cruelty to children – 1st degree, public drunkenness

Marty Frank Graham, IV, 21, Oxford, Dec. 7, crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, hold for other agency, marijuana-possession less than 1 ounce, theft by taking – felony

Leo Harden, 58, Atlanta, Dec. 13, theft by shoplifting

Leon Harmon, 54, Atlanta, Dec. 13, probation violation

Ronnie Thomas Harris, Jr., 44, homeless, Dec. 9, probation violation

Christopher Lee Heath, 36, Valley, Alabama, Dec. 13, court sentenced 5 days Newton County Jail

Ramon Alberto Hernandez, 32, Jonesboro, Dec. 9, probation violation

Joe Thomas Hughes, 52, Social Circle, Dec. 9, drug related objects, possession of methamphetamine

Josh Randolph Jackson, 44, Oxford, Dec. 11, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor, hold for probation

Dayshawn Leo Johnson, 21, Covington, Dec. 7, court sentenced

Ryan ONeal Little, 35, Covington, Dec. 13, probation violation

Marcus Alexander Mahaffey, 30, Conyers, Dec. 12, probation violation

Leon Martin, 21, Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 11, giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer, possession of a schedule 4 controlled substance

Ricardo Lamar Martin, 32, Covington, Dec. 12, probation violation

Cynthia Bernice Martinez, 38, Covington, Dec. 8, child support default

Pam Denise McKibben, 25, Decatur, Dec. 12, failure to appear

Frederick Demont Monroe, 37, Covington, Dec. 13, parole violation

Joshua Thomas Mote, 26, Guyton, Dec. 12, probation violation

Sandra Vinta Lalshay Parker, 20, Covington, Dec. 9, failure to appear for fingerprintable charge – felony

Christopher Renard Presley, 19, Covington, Dec. 12, parole violation

Elijah Williams Ramoutar, 19, Covington, Dec. 7, murder

Stephanie Jean Salayko, 27, Social Circle, Dec. 12, probation violation

Joshua Daryn Scott, 31, Conyers, Dec. 13, contempt of court – child support default

Andreas Benjam Strickland, 47, Oxford, Dec. 11, criminal trespass

Jamon Edward Tucker, 39, Marietta, Dec. 13, escape – felony, probation violation

Rashad Xavier Wall, 22, Conyers, Dec. 8, probation violation

Johnny Lee Watson, Jr., 38, Oxford, Dec. 13, probation violation

Qurran Syamone Montana Whatley, 19, Covington, Dec. 13, failure to appear for fingerprintable charge – felony

Calvin Abram, 20, Memphis, Tennessee, Dec. 11, driving while license suspended or revoked, giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer, improper lane usage

John Paul Anderson, 38, Conyers, Dec. 7, hold for other agency

Leland Blake Anderson, 34, Covington, Dec. 9, court sentenced

Kenneth Craig Ash, 30, Oxford, Dec. 9, DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane usage

Victor Cuardos Ayala, 42, Covington, Dec. 7, driving while license suspended or revoked

Anthony Wayne Barrington, 30, Porterdale, Dec. 7, back for court

Raual Bautista, 41, Mableton, Dec. 13, driving without a valid license, following too closely

Candis Nicole Beggs, 30, Covington, Dec. 8, battery, cruelty to children – 3rd degree, cruelty to children – 1st degree

Saunders Keith Jr., Beggs, 38, Stockbridge, Dec. 9, weekenders

Rodney ONeal Benton, 43, Covington, Dec. 9, weekenders

Lesare DeShawn Brown, 40, Covington, Dec. 10, simple battery

Robbie Lee Buse, 40, Conyers, Dec. 10, DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol, following too closely

Conrado DeJesus Cabezas, 35, Covington, Dec. 12, criminal trespass, simple battery – family violence

Joshua Daniel Campbell, 34, Mansfield, Dec. 9, weekenders

Hannah Victoria Cash, 20, Covington, Dec. 10, leaving scene of an accident, vehicle to drive on right side of roadway; exceptions

Lacardo Christian Clark, 30, Lithonia, Dec. 10, reckless conduct, aggravated assault, battery, pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another

Lawrence Daniel Collins, 49, Covington, Dec. 9, court sentenced

Thomas Lee Conner, 54, Mansfield, Dec. 13, probation violation

Jeremy Lynard Coon, 27, Covington, Dec. 9, obstruction or hindering law enforcementer officers

Ashante Ray Davis, 43, Monroe, Dec. 13, parole violation

Charles Lavorne Davis, 36, Jackson, Dec. 9, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor

Michael Wayne Decker, 49, Covington, Tennessee, Dec. 11, court sentenced 36 hours Newotn County Jail

Terry Jerome Dyer, II, 36, Covington, Dec. 11, weekenders

Laven Devoe Fletcher, 58, Covington, Dec. 10, license required ordinance, occupation tax required

Mark Warren Franklin, 49, Social Circle, Dec. 11, battery, criminal trespass

Martraze Deshaun Gay, 34, Atlanta, Dec. 13, theft by shoplifting

Jordan Lamont Green, 29, Lithonia, Dec. 7, contempt of state court for fingerprintable charge – misdemeanor, improper passing

Jaboris Tiree Griffin, 25, Rex, Dec. 7, probation violation

Michelle Vesta Guthrie, 55, Covington, Dec. 9, contempt of court

Martin Mireles Guzman, 40, Oxford, Dec. 9, driving while license suspended or revoked

Santos Rosalio Guzman, 51, Chamblee, Dec. 13, driving without a valid license, failure to yield when entering highway, knowingly making a false statement pertaining to motor vehicle insurance required

Tiara Ann Harris, 27, Covington, Dec. 7, hit and run, duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of accident

John Richard Hartsfield, 47, Alpharetta, Dec. 12, theft by deception – felony

Alicia Sue Heath, 32, Conyers, Dec. 7, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor 2nd offense

Derineka Melynn Hill, 24, Shady Dale, Dec. 10, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor

Shelvis Dwayne Hillman, 38, Covington, Dec. 8, weekenders

Deanna Lein Hubbard, 38, Covington, Dec. 9, weekenders

Albert Thomas Huff, 29, Newborn, Dec. 9, weekenders

Stanley Day Hurst, 55, Covington, Dec. 8, parole violation

Michelle Latrice Jeff, 35, Covington, Dec. 10, license required, tax required

Dean Gibson Kilby, 59, Monticello, Dec. 10, public drunkenness

Mayowa Harrison Lawani, 35, Loganville, Dec. 9, weekenders

Jakayus Juarez Leaphart, 19, Conyers, Dec. 13, theft by shoplifting – misdemeanor

Brittany Leigh Lemonds, 28, Watkinsville, Dec. 9, weekenders

Jackie Ruth Loepez, 60, Covington, Dec. 8, court sentenced

Ivette Marquez, 37, Covington, Dec. 10, weekenders

Tara Michelle McCart, 46, Columbus, Dec. 9, back for court

Mattew Joseph ODonnell, 34, Covington, Dec. 10, weekenders

Hirashi Al Shrunta Osbey, 39, Titusville, Florida, Dec. 11, probation violation for fingerprintable charge

Justin Waide Parker, 28, Madison, Dec. 6, Dui – driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense, no headlights on motorcycle, open container, reckless driving, stop signs and yield signs

Jesse Logan Parr, 32, Covington, Dec. 10, court sentenced 4 days

Kelly Denise Piper, 41, Covington, Dec. 12, hold for other agency

Dafydd Morgan Robert-Jones, 26, Covington, Dec. 9, weekenders

Curtis Lee Ross, 64, Covington, Dec. 7, hold for other agency

Antonio Catchet Russell, 33, Covington, Dec. 11, battery, criminal trespass

Adran L. Samuels, 46, Covington, Dec. 8, theft of lsot/mislaid property-misdemeanor

Sherrick Devale Seabrooks, 39, Milledgeville, Dec. 12, contempt of court-municipal

Morgan Tenay Shell, 22, Oxford, 22, weekenders

Ronald Lee Smith, 30, Covington, Dec. 7, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers – misdemeanor

William Kenneth Smith, 52, Madison, Dec. 6, public drunkenness, public indecency – 1st or 2nd offense – misdemeanor, open container

Mark Gregory Stanley, 46, Valdosta, Dec. 8, back for court

Chandler Elizabeth, Stowe, 18, Covington, Dec. 8, marijuana- possession less than 1 ounce, operation of vehicle without current plate/expired plate 1st offense

Joey McGill Stroud, 40, Covington, Dec. 12, back for court, probation violation for fingerprintable charge

Michael Edward Thomasson, 57, Covington, Dec. 9, weekenders

Terrence Marquis Walker, 26, Hephzibal, Dec. 13, marijuana-possession less than 1 ounce

Nikkia Sharice White, 21, Covington, Dec. 8, battery – family violence, cruelty to children – 3rd degree

Kaley Lynn Williams, 32, Conyers, Dec. 7, back for court

Larry Douglas-Brandon Williams, 33, Locust Grove, Dec. 9, DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol

Amanda Marie Wilson, 33, Covington, Dec. 9 weekenders

Terry Nathan Wilson, 34, Haden, Alabama, Dec. 11, driving while license suspended or revoked, driving without a valid license, improper lane usage

Ernest Dwayne Woods, 32, Conyers, Dec. 9, weekenders