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Newton County Jail Log
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Jason Thomas Flournoy, 33, Jackson, July 19. Probation violation.

Solomon Sinclair Forbes, 35, Conyers, July 16. Aggravated stalking.

Stephanie Diane Gess, 29, 2143 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, July 15. Financial transaction card theft, financial transaction card fraud, forgery in the first degree.

Joseph Dwayne Gier, 21, 5 South Broad St., Porterdale, July 20. Count sentenced to work release.

Eric Paul Greer, 40, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 42, Covington, July 21. Probation violation.

Pangelo Denissio Grier, 17, 6130 Johnson Dr., Covington, July 17. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance.

Eddie Patrick Harris Jr., 19, 9482 Tara Dr., Covington, July 16. Probation violation.

Travis Lee Harris, 26, 30 Ashton Place, Covington, July 17. Probation violation.

Robert Mason Hayes Jr., 33, 1607 Post Oak Dr., Covington, July 21. Theft by taking.

Antonio Marchez Heard, 20, 151 Cobb Road, Covington, July 20. Two counts probation violation.

Chaz Rashod Heard, 19, Conyers, July 21. Probation violation.

Joshua Lamar Holcombe, 17, 697 Rocky Point Road, Covington, July 20. Probation violation.

Patrick Lebron Jackson, 29, 90 Shadow Brook Dr., Covington, July 17. 29. Court sentenced to work release.

Emmett Dewayne Jefferys, 18, 300 Highgrove Dr., Covington, July 15. Probation violation.

Calvin Vernon Jones, 47, 10124 Broken Branch Court, Covington, July 20. Abandonment of dependent child.

Stacey Ranell Jones, 38, Conyers, July 16. Failure to appear.

Franklin James Laughlin, 23, Shiloh, July 15. Failure to appear.

Cecil Conell Lewis, 47, 2139 South Brown St., Covington, July 16. Child support, sentenced to pay fines.

Christopher Brannon Marable, 30, 35 Belmont Way, Covington, July 21. Theft by conversion (auto).

Ivette Marquez, 29, 55B Gum Tree Trail, Covington, July 16. Probation violation.

Rolundus Quintae Middleton, 24, 3164 Fowler St., Covington, July 21. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance.

Tony Dean Morgan, 40, Monticello, July 15. Probation violation.

Chad Edward Morris, 34, Conyers, July 21. Two counts child support default warrant.

Glendon George Morris, 35, Ellenwood, July 15. Possession, manufacture, distribution (possession of marijuana), possession, manufacture, distribution (trafficking marijuana, felony).

Elton Bernard Moss, 37, Clarkston, July 21. Theft by taking.

Jeffery Wade Pace, 39, Conyers, July 20. Probation violation.

William Matthew Rice, 29, 150 Country Creek Road, Newborn, July 16. Probation violation.

Antonio Bradley Rivers, 20, Augusta, July 17. To serve 10 days.

Kyneri Scotland, 26, 10520 Wellington Ridge Dr., Covington, July 17. False statements in matters within jurisdiction of state, forgery in first degree, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Shirley Ann Shaw, 62, 230 Manor Oak Dr., Covington, July 20. Probation violation.

Justin paul Sherwood, 30, 3630 Broughton Road, Newborn, July 17. Two counts disorderly conduct, probation violation, child support default.

Caycee Lee Spears, 18, 12145 Ga. Highway 36, Lot 6, Covington, July 21. Driving without license, burglary, criminal trespass, theft by taking.

Michael Orlando Stanley, 22, 6119 Pine Needle Dr., Covington, July 21. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance.

Larry Thomas, 52, 770 Oak St., Covington, July 20. Hold for sentencing.

Darricus Terrell Turner, 27, Decatur, July 16. FAildure to appear.

Henry Lawrence Watson, 70, 10330 Old Atlanta Highway, Covington, July 15. DUI less safe, DUI first offense, improper backing, no proof os insurance.

Antionette Jematrica White, 37, McDonough, July 20. Deposit account fraud, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, deposit account fraud.

Johnny Otis Workman, 30, Eatonton, July 16. Homicide by vehicle, DUI first offense, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, reckless driving, improper lane usage, no proof of insurance, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer.

Luca Gale Allen, 30, Social Circle, July 15. DUI, improper lane usage.

Gwenette Lasheen Baisden, 27, 6140 Green St., Covington, July 16. Theft by shoplifting.

Tyrone Lorenzo Brooks, 39, Stone Mountain, July 18. Improper lane usage, DUI first offense.

Michael Zebabiah Broomes, 20, Conyers, July 15. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, felony.

Randy Christopher Brown, 17, 275 Emerson Trail, Covington, July 15. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, felony.

Larry Levett Brown, 52, 1000 Spring Hill Dr., Covington, July 18. Driving while license suspended.