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Covington Police seek suspect after car speeding from party breaks woman’s legs

COVINGTON, Ga. — Covington police asked neighboring law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for the driver of a vehicle which reportedly severely injured a woman while speeding away from a party shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The victim, who was not identified, suffered two broken legs after the suspect’s vehicle ran over her Jan. 1 at 12:49 a.m. on Nixon Circle in Covington, a report stated.

A Covington officer responded to a report of a hit and run incident involving a pedestrian at the location of the incident off Turner Street and found the female victim lying on a sidewalk.

The suspect’s sister reportedly told police the incident stemmed from an argument between her and her brother after they had been drinking at a location in DeKalb County.

They continued arguing while driving from the DeKalb location to Covington, where they continued to drink while a large group of people gathered and shot off fireworks an undisclosed location on Nixon Circle, the report stated.

The two then began arguing again and the suspect began striking his sister with a closed fist on the side of her head, she told police.

The report noted she showed no sign of injuries.

She told the officer that others at the party tried to separate the two. After they removed the suspect, he got into the black Honda Accord they traveled to the party in and “someone threw a metal crowbar-like tool inside of the car and struck him.”

The suspect then began to become very agitated and sped off, veering the car at the direction of the victims who were standing in front of the vehicle. It struck them both and continued going, the report stated.

“(The female victim) had both of her legs completely ran over, causing both of them to break,” the report stated.

Her boyfriend was able to avoid the oncoming vehicle but reportedly suffered an injury to his heel.

“While leaving, (the suspect’s vehicle) also struck the side of a telephone pole causing heavy front-end damage and damage to the passenger side headlight of the vehicle,” it stated.

The group dispersed prior to the officer’s arrival, the report stated.

Victims were transported by ambulance to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, it stated. The woman was still being treated at Grady Tuesday, Jan. 5.

After the incident, police traveled to an address in Green Acres to see if they could locate the suspect or the vehicle, but were unsuccessful.

They then put out a BOLO with other law enforcement agencies in the area to hold the suspect for Covington Police if found, the report stated.

The report stated officers would obtain warrants for the suspect on charges of aggravated assault, reckless driving, and hit and run.

A spokesman said the investigation was continuing.